A 3-star learning experience

September 17, 2022

Have you ever eaten in a 3-star Michelin restaurant? If so, it was probably one of the best restaurant experiences of your life! The recipes were original, the food was so beautifully presented and the explosion of flavours in your mouth was unparalleled. 🤩 In their book*,  M. Neelen and P. A. Kirschner ask learning professionals to strive for a similar experience, but in the learning process, of course. 😉 They call this a 3-star learning experience…

What’s A 3-Star Learning Experience?

It’s a learning experience that relies upon 3 main pillars:

  1. Effective: When you improve the effectiveness of a learning experience, it implies that the learner has learned more in the allotted time.
  2. Efficient: When you make a learning track more efficient, the learner learns in less time or needs less (cognitive) effort to learn the material.
  3. Enjoyable: This one seems pretty straightforward, right? Making it enjoyable implies you have to make the learning experience more fun. Well … Not really. 🤔 An enjoyable learning experience is one in which the learner experiences fulfilment at each step of it. The authors mention that this is important because it will motivate the learner to keep going.

Speaking of motivation … Do you know what the link between motivation and learning is?

Learning & Motivation

People often say that motivation leads to learning, but that’s actually not true! Studies have shown that learning leads to motivation. Every time a learner is successful in a step of the learning process, this motivates him/her to keep learning. 

Anyway, the authors sum up the goal of a learning professional in this one sentence: “The goal of those who design learning experiences shouldn’t be to be a cook in a snack bar, however, to be a three-star chef of learning!”. (Paul A. Kirschner, M. N., 2020, 42)

Want to experience a 3-star learning experience? Check out a few courses in our UQ coach! Let us know if the courses are worth 3 Michelin stars or what you want to see differently.

Enjoy! 😁

Source: Paul A. Kirschner, M. N. (2020). Evidence-Informed Learning Design: Creating Training to Improve Performance. Kogan Page. https://books.google.be/books?id=UqfMDwAAQBAJ

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