Add the right learners to your microlearning course

March 2, 2022

So, you’ve created an awesome microlearning course in the ‘Mission Center’. What now? 🤔 You share it with the right learners, of course!

In the Administration tab of your training course, you can manage which learners get access to it. If you don’t create any rules, nobody will be able to see your kick-ass training course in the app. ⛔ So, head over to the ‘Learner access management’ section and click on ‘Create’ to create an access rule.

3 options will be presented to you:

  • with filter rules
  • with email list
  • wit access code and link

With filter rules 🚦

With the first option, you use the filters to give learners access to your course. This means that your options depend on how your metadata is filled in. You can open up your training course for a specific department, for people with a certain job title or for everyone in your company. Of course, you can also combine different filters. This way, you can give access to the salespeople who are located in Brussels, for example.

With email list 📨

In the ‘Mission Center’, you can also give access to specific email addresses. Simply fill in the email addresses of all the learners you want to give access to your course and click on save. You can also enter a caption to name the email list.

The final option is to give learners access to a training course with an access code, a link or a QR code. To do so, fill in a caption to name your rule and click on ‘Create’. This way, you’ll get a code to share, a link to copy and a QR code to download.

  • The code consists of 4 characters. Once you give this code to your learners, they have to press the plus icon in the top-right corner of the Catalogue page, fill in the code and click on ‘add’. From then on, the training course will appear in the app.
  • The link is in fact the URL of the training course. You can put this URL in a web link activity, for example. The moment a learner clicks on the URL, the training course will appear in the app.
  • If you download and print the QR code, the learners can scan it in order to access your training course.

Combination 🤝

Of course, you can create multiple access rules and combine them. You can add your IT-team through filter rules, add a few extra people through the email list and hang a QR code on the door of your IT department. It’s all up to you!

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