Allianz in the pocket: A mobile learning tool geared to sales

December 23, 2022

Allianz, Europe’s leading insurer and the world’s fourth leading asset manager, has turned the company’s digital transformation into one of its strategic pivot points. In line with this, they created their ‘Allianz in the pocket’ in our Teach on Mars environment to become one of the most innovative groups in the field of training!

Choosing The Solution

The goal was to offer support regarding sales techniques and product information, which to be consulted whenever they needed. “The Teach on Mars mobile learning solution stood out as the most complete offer and the one which best met the Group’s requirements.“ 

Allianz in the pocket | UQalify
Allianz in the pocket | UQalify

The Absolute Favourite

“The app represents a valuable complement to everything that already exists in-house, i.e. e-learning, classroom and intranet resources. The success of the project shows that we can go even further with Teach on Mars technology and rethink the boundaries of traditional training.“ 


On the first project, “Sales Assistant”, Allianz was supported by partners from the Teach on Mars ecosystem. Progressive implementation of the mobile learning app followed across the entire Group from 2018 onwards, both with in-house and outsourced content. 

Allianz in the pocket | UQalify

A few best practices for a successful mobile learning project, according to Allianz:

  • COMMUNICATE: share thoughts with project partners, obtain user feedback and make changes accordingly in terms of content.
  • REQUEST: achieve a synergy between group entities to update and constantly enrich training content,
  • ADAPT: ensure that learners can use the application at their discretion and organise their time when planning sessions,
  • GAMIFY: bring a playful aspect to the course by integrating games.
Allianz in the pocket | UQalify
Allianz in the pocket | UQalify

Next Steps

We will continue to take into account user feedback and draw on the synergy between the various Group entities to constantly enrich and improve training content and courses. 

Are you interested in the UQ coach or are you wondering what it could do for your organisation? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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