UQ MasterChannels - Jan Mertens

Recruit different

by Jan Mertens

What you get

For an entire year, I take you through the validated and numerically based foundations of recruitment of today and tomorrow. An offer of

  • up-to-date micro learning courses
  • 8 interactive and directly implementable Master Classes
  • 2 annual events
  • weekly tips and applicable insights
  • extra training courses and topics
  • a book and podcast club
  • an interactive community with other professionals


About Jan

Hello, I am Jan Mertens. For more than 30 years, I have been recruiting people for numerous roles for successful companies in Belgium and Europe. Throughout time, we have changed a lot as people, as society and also as organisations, and today recruiting is more than ever a challenge, maybe even top sport. What we do,  hardly works anymore. Continuous learning and adjustment is a must. So recruit different. For you as a recruiter, manager or business leader.

I want to share my accumulated knowledge and experiences of what and how it can work with you in my Recruitment Master Channel. My mission is to give you the much-needed voice to continue your role as a top recruiter and manager, to have that impact that makes a difference on both candidates and your own organisation.