Maisons du Monde has won the jury prize at our Teach on Mars Mobile Learning Awards in Paris last Thursday. A well-deserved award for an exceptional team that has put in a lot of effort, not only in terms of content but also in terms of executive training and internal promotion of ‘my MDM Coach’.

80% of team members across all countries have downloaded the app within 3 weeks! 🥳

David Boulanger, one of the 12 judges, said at the award ceremony: “There was a clear strategy, a learning architecture and governance with steering committees and well identified and monitored KPIs. And last but not least, an orchestrated communication plan aimed at employees with regular updates and modules in the calendar.

The success, according to the Maisons du Monde team, is also due to the broad support of Maisons du Monde’s leadership team, which went out of its way to involve everyone.

They invested over 60 hours in video meetings to inform managers internationally and to train them on the full strategy and rollout of the ‘my MDM Coach’.

Similarly to the other 5 laureates, we noted that they put people at the centre and are all about potential and sharing knowledge within the organisation. Long live social learning!

The award was accepted on behalf of Maisons du Monde by Sophie Malivert, Julie Tondu, Gregory Crozzolo and Sophie Mouhieddine.

Stay tuned, as we will bring you more news about the other 5 laureates and categories in the coming week! 🙌

Mobile Learning Awards – The categories

The nominees compete for an award in 1 of the following 6 categories.

Training category, for the best courses with more than 5 activities, on one of the following subjects:

  • Soft skills and cross-sectoral human skills,
  • Business-specific: skills specific to a given field, sector or company.

Deployment category:

  • Engagement: the deployed mobile learning system which proved to be most engaging.
  • CSR initiative: developing awareness of societal, environmental and ethical challenges,
  • Immersive experience: a full-immersion experience supported by relevant training.

Top pick category:

  • The jury’s favourite creation, all categories combined.
Maison du Monde wins Jury Prize at Mobile Learning Awards | UQalify