How could a mandatory training plan help my organisation grow sustainably? 

February 27, 2023

What is the Labour Deal? 

The aim of the Labour Deal is twofold: on the one hand, to get more people into work; on the other, to create a better work-life balance for those who are already employed. Some of its measures are already in place, including the four-day workweek and the right to be offline. 

The final component of the Labour Deal is the training plan. You must submit this training plan for the first time by 31 March 2023 and then resubmit it annually. It includes the training courses you offer within your organisation and the target audiences for which these courses are intended. The number of training days per employee is calculated according to the number of employees you employ. This is a training right and therefore not a training obligation. Practically speaking, this means that your employees are free to choose whether or not they take up all the training days offered. 

How can I turn this training plan into an opportunity for my organisation?

With a well-thought-out training plan, you lay the foundation for a healthy learning culture and learning appetite within your organisation, regardless of the size of your organisation. The advantage of a learning culture? When you connect people with each other, you ensure they learn from each other and are inspired to learn even more. And inspired people are motivated people. Because isn’t that often the problem? 

Offering learning time to your employees, or providing even more training, has that ever been effective in your organisation in getting people to actually learn? It hasn’t, has it?

Curious about some tips to create a real learning appetite within your organisation?

  1. Connect people with each other. Social connection provides 70% of learning inspiration. Both for the training courses we have to take and those we are allowed to take. 
  2. Ensure learning pleasure. You memorise study materials much better when you experience learning as fun. Gamification is one way of doing this. 
  3. Make learning short, powerful and, above all, accessible. What could be more accessible than learning on your smartphone? You usually have it in your pocket and probably even more often in your hand. Still want to learn on the computer? No problem, that’s perfectly possible!

Training plan | UQalify

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Training plan | UQalify

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