New embedded statistics for better analysis of your learners’ engagement

January 16, 2023

There’s no longer any doubt about it, evaluating training performance is central to HR managers’ concerns. Today, Teach on Mars is harnessing the expertise of GoodData, a specialist in Business Intelligence, to offer new, reliable and relevant statistics to enable our clients to smoothly continue on their path to success.

At Teach on Mars, statistics are central to the support we provide to our clients. It’s through their monitoring and analysis that we’re able to recommend specific actions to ensure clients obtain better engagement and greater retention from learners using the training programme.

Our product team decided to work with BI experts to review and enhance our learning analytics, in order to enable our clients to monitor performance indicators for their tool more simply. This is how Teach on Mars developed new statistics and new dashboards, to provide an increasingly comprehensive training offer.

5 new embedded dashboards

The new statistics are divided into 5 dashboards, grouped together in a new, dedicated Statistics section in the Mission Center.

Statistics | UQalify

The Overview dashboard, on the Mission Center homepage, shows the 10 most important KPIs, giving an overview of the app’s state of health at a glance.

The 4 other themed dashboards allow you to go further to analyse learner engagement and retention on the application in general, and more particularly regarding the level of courses in the catalogue and on the Wall.

The new embedded statistics will gradually replace the Mission Center statistics.
No need to worry! You won’t lose any data, on the contrary, you’ll discover some new data.

New features to track indicators more closely

Exporting dashboards is still possible of course – in CSV or XLSX format.

Statistics | UQalify

Other innovative features enhance the new dashboards. You can find these below.

1. Apply very specific filters

The embedded dashboards all feature a time filter, enabling you to analyse KPIs for the date range you wish, whether it be last week, a particular day in the year or last quarter; you can choose!

Statistics | UQalify

2. Apply an email alert for certain indicators

This feature enables you to receive an email whenever a KPI reaches a certain value which you set. For example, if the number of your connected learners exceeds a certain threshold, you can be notified directly. This can be the perfect occasion to launch a competition with your 20,000 connected learners!

Statistics | UQalify

3. Schedule certain file exports

There’s no more need to plan an alert on your agenda: thanks to the scheduled export you’ll receive the file directly in your inbox at a frequency which you select.

Dashboard | UQalify

In 2023, KPIs rule!

In the first quarter of 2023, Teach on Mars will propose its first fee-based MyAnalytics offer, providing not only embedded dashboards in the Mission Center, but also the chance to create custom dashboards. Thanks to this premium offer, you can add, modify and share your own indicators, organised according to your own hierarchy. The MyAnalytics offer will also include customised onboarding for creating your dashboards, as well as the chance to compare indicators depending on the various learner groups.

A Mission Center analytics offer is set to follow, this time included in the price of the licences. It’ll allow all Mission Managers with access to statistics, to visualise the 5 embedded dashboards and to take advantage of the aforementioned features: email alerts, scheduled file exports, filters, etc.

2023 will be the year of the KPIs!

If you have any more questions on how to set up your dashboard so it fits your company’s needs best, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Original article by Teach on Mars

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