Play IT and UQalify achieve an even greater impact on learning in organisations thanks to their partnership

May 8, 2023

Play IT, the #1 learning platform in game-based learning, is joining forces with UQalify, the leading social and microlearning platform for evaluating, activating and developing human capital, to make an even greater impact on the learning & development landscape.

This partnership will lead to a unique combination of technology, expertise and to further empower individuals and organisations in the rapidly changing (digital) world. The approaches of both companies will appeal to each individual as everyone has their own way of learning and processing information. For instance, some will be more attracted to textual learning and others to visual learning. However, research (Brown, Roediger III & McDaniel, 2014) has shown that the preferred learning method is not always the best learning method. Variety between different forms of learning, found in both Play IT and UQalify, is extremely important to have the highest possible retention rate. Moreover, all the internal drivers of why people return to a learning experience are addressed: one person wants to discover everything, another wants to gather knowledge, another is looking for connection. Play IT and UQalify blend together perfectly here.

Thierry Lescrauwaet | UQalify x Play IT partnership

With Teach on Mars, we’ve already pushed many boundaries worldwide in terms of learning impact for the more than 1.5 million users in all kinds of sectors, thanks to social learning and microlearning. Moreover, we currently have a learning adoption rate of over 80%. When we combine this with Play IT’s technology and expertise, we’ll be able to connect people even more and inspire and motivate them to learn even more. A higher learning appetite creates more loyalty, better product knowledge and more self-confidence and resilience in the face of change. In short: a higher learning adoption benefits every organisation.

Thierry Lescrauwaet, CEO of UQalify – Teach on Mars Benelux

Both companies currently already have a whole range of microlearnings, but see the evident power of each other’s technology to have an even greater impact on organisations’ learning engagement. Thanks to the Teach on Mars technology, UQalify (Teach on Mars Benelux) is able to offer customised learning trajectories tailored to the needs and skills of each individual user. Thanks to the Wall, this user is put in touch with his peers (social learning), allowing them to ask questions, share ideas and learn from each other in an accessible way. 


Through our partnership, Play it and UQalify will work together to develop innovative learning solutions and also create new products and services. We want to tap new markets and reach new people with our products and services through co-creation and the alignment and bundling of our platforms. We’re proud to be two strong, innovative companies from Belgium and together we want to do our best to improve the learning experience for our customers. With this collaboration, we can offer our customers an even better experience and raise the bar for what is possible in learning and development. We look forward to working together on these exciting new developments.

Mike Ptacek, Co-Founder & CCO of Play IT
Mike Ptacek | UQalify x Play IT partnership

Want to know more about what this partnership could mean for your organisation? Well then, contact us here!

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