How to REALLY use LinkedIn

Employer branding 

Are you looking to attract more suitable candidates, as you are struggling to find relevant ones? Are you aware that jobseekers are savvier than ever, easily gathering information about what it’s like to work at your company without even having to talk to a recruiter? You probably already know that LinkedIn is a great platform for employer branding, but maybe you have no clue where to get started? Or perhaps you are getting some results organically and you’re now ready to boost and systematically create more attraction? Then this programme is for you (and your colleagues)! 

Why are LinkedIn and employer branding a natural fit and how can you give your company that much needed employer branding boost in the current economic climate? Which LinkedIn basic elements can you quickly make use of? What are the best (employer branding) strategies that will work for you? And how does LinkedIn fit into that picture?

Time to tackle your employer branding strategy with this comprehensive blended masterclass! We start with the basics and gradually take a deep dive into the more advanced solutions for employer branding. Based on live examples, you will apply the methods and insights you have learned, so you can discover the full possibilities of LinkedIn from different perspectives. Ready to get started?

This masterclass will strengthen your branding, networking and employer branding activities because you will

Systematically learn how to properly build your employer branding via LinkedIn
Boost your employer branding
Provide the right content for the right target audience(s)
Start more conversations that lead to more interested candidates

LinkedIn Talent Solutions, LinkedIn Advertising and other LinkedIn premium solutions are also covered. In addition to practical, live examples and customised exercises, you will also gain insights into best practices and you’ll be given a number of handy templates to use afterwards!

Location: live or online

Languages: NL, EN, FR

Format: interactive training

Profile: marketeers or HR professionals (2-5 years experience)

Number of participants: ideally 6, max. 10


For every participant
to look professional on LinkedIn and leave a good first impression with their visitors.
to understand and apply the passive, active and proactive LinkedIn strategies.
to boost their employer branding and use LinkedIn (including Talent Solutions) more effectively.
to start more conversations that lead to more interested candidates.
to build a daily employer branding routine that results in consistent results.


laptop or pc
stable internet connection
a (free) LinkedIn account

Every participant has read their company’s social media policy. 


Offline: 3 to 10 live workshops
half day per session
3 x 60 minutes Q&A
“Updates” webinar

Online: 3 to 10 online workshops
120 minutes per session
3 x 60 minutes Q&A
“Updates” webinar


 Why LinkedIn? What is Employer Branding?
 Passive, Active & Proactive (Marketing) Strategies
 How important is a first impression?
 How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile?
 How to combine corporate, professional and personal branding?
 The road to Thought Leadership
 How to start more conversations & attract more followers?
 What is the true value of your Company Page?
 Why “Content is King”?
 How to get more out of LinkedIn Groups?
 How to create your own playbook
 How to leverage employer branding materials effectively?
 How to get more out of LinkedIn with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions?
Next steps


Get started with the Action planLinkedIn profile checklist and all other additional supporting documents. Have access to one of the global LinkedIn experts for questions, more info…

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