How to REALLY use LinkedIn

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Learn how to REALLY use LinkedIn. Build a professional profile for yourself and become a proper brand ambassador for your organisation. Discover some of the basic functionalities that you have never seen before. Get up to speed with your LinkedIn and taste the sweetness of success. 

Time to seriously tackle your LinkedIn strategy with this comprehensive blended masterclass! We start with the basics and gradually take a deep dive into the more advanced solutions of LinkedIn. Based on live examples, you will apply the methods and insights you have learned, so you can discover all the possibilities of LinkedIn from different perspectives. Ready to get started?

This masterclass will strengthen your branding, networking and LinkedIn activities because you will

  Look good with a professional profile
  Systematically attract new visitors
  Learn how to build a quality network
  Understand the fundamental principles of (online) networking

Location: live or online

Languages: NL, EN, FR

Format: interactive training

Profile: employees, a team or mixed backgrounds

Number of participants: ideally 6, max. 10


For every participant to look professional on LinkedIn and leave a good first impression with their visitors. For each participant to understand and apply the passive, active and proactive LinkedIn strategies. For each participant to know how to use LinkedIn for themselves as a professional and for their organisation.


laptop or pc
stable internet connection
a (free) LinkedIn account

Every participant has read their company’s social media policy.


Offline: 1 to 3 live workshops
half day per session
3 x 60 minutes Q&A
“Updates” webinar

Online: 1 to 3 online workshops
120 minutes per session
3 x 60 minutes Q&A
“Updates” webinar


 Why are we here?
 The world is changing… fast!
 Why LinkedIn?
 How important is a first impression?
 3 Fundamental principles of (online) networking
 LinkedIn Profile Matrix ©
How to create an attractive, professional profile?
 How to build and manage your network?
 How to deal with invitations?
 Using Groups on LinkedIn
 The LinkedIn Strategy Matrix ©
 Social etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts
 The road to Thought Leadership
Next steps


Get started with the Action plan, LinkedIn profile checklist and all other additional supporting documents. Have access to one of the global LinkedIn experts for questions, more info…

Any questions?