Train the trainer


Are you aware that we are going through the biggest revolution in learning? Did you know that most internal trainers never intended to become a trainer? Are you also aware that most trainers never got a proper training on how to be(come) a professional trainer? How adapted to the newest learning techniques are you really? Are you ready for this next level in learning? Then this programme is for you (and your colleagues)! 

Our Train-The-Trainer programme covers more than the scientific approaches on adult learning, the mandatory classroom, blended, online, microlearning or phygital platforms. It also involves the art of communication, instructional design, group facilitation, dealing with feedback and audience dynamics. As always, there is plenty of room for practical exercises and answering all training related questions.

Time to train your internal (or external) trainers with this comprehensive blended masterclass! We start with the basics and gradually take a deep dive into the more advanced training topics for designing, developing and delivering top-notch training sessions. Apply the methods and insights you have learned, so you can discover the full possibilities from different training perspectives, including offline, online, hybrid and blended. Ready to get started?

This masterclass will strengthen your team of trainers (and you) because you will

Be able to design, facelift or improve your own training programme
Understand the basics of instructional design
Boost your confidence in front of an(y) audience
Acquire insights about professional training and best practices

Let our team of trainers guide you through the process of creating a bespoke Train-The-Trainer programme and let’s decide together which modules best fit your personal (and team) learning curve and needs! We have more than 15 modules available. You will constantly get the opportunity to practice in a pleasant, safe environment, where feedback is always available. You will also gain insights into best practices and you’ll be given a number of handy templates to use afterwards!

All participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of this programme.

Location: live or online

Languages: NL, EN, FR

Format: interactive training

Profile: internal trainers, aspiring trainers or subject matter experts

Number of participants: ideally 6, max. 10


For every participant
to boost their confidence in delivering training sessions.
to get a better understanding of the principles of adult learning.
to be able to better handle offline, online and mixed audiences.
to experience practical ways to improve their own training programme(s).
to become a better trainer.
to manage all (technical) aspects of a successful training session.


laptop or pc
stable internet connection

Every participant needs to be able to install new apps/programmes on their device (if not, ask for our Zero Setup Lifehacking Programme!).


Offline: 10 to 15 live workshops
half day per session
3 x 30 minutes individual coaching sessions

Online: 10 to 25 online workshops
120 minutes per session
3 x 30 minutes individual coaching sessions


 Principles of adult learning (andragogy & pedagogy)
 Basics of instructional design (incl. whole brain)
 Stages of learning
 Communication styles & learning preferences
 Master mind vs. master of my mind
 Delivery skills: presentation, listening, questioning…
 Tech skills (audio, visual, online, blended…)
 Synchronous vs. asynchronous
(Online) body language
 Time management
 Hooks & teasers
 Intercultural & age differences
 Group facilitation, group dynamics & role playing
 Enthusing, engaging & evolving
 Tips, techniques & tools
 Fun, games & tests
 Running master & support materials
 Feedback, evaluation & assessment
 Managing the technical elements of a training
Next steps


Get started with the Action planpractical checklists, templates and all other additional supporting documents. Have access to one of our master trainers for questions, more info…

Remark: This overall Train-The-Trainer (TTT) programme is not to be confused with our expert Train-The-Trainer programmes, like LinkedIn TTT, Lifehacking TTT, etc. More info on request!

Any questions?