The Big Bang Of Learning With Chloé Academy

The French fashion house Chloé was founded in 1952 and belongs to the prestigious Richemont Group, which specialises in luxury goods. Chloé chose Teach on Mars to bring its training system into the hands of the sales staff in the shop. Read the interview with Jules Robert-Le Hérissé, Head of International HR Development to discover why they have created their Chloé Academy in our Teach on Mars environment!

Jules Robert-Le Hérissé, Head of International HR Development chez Chloé | UQalify

Choosing The Solution

Chloé Academy | UQalify

The principle of a native application such as Teach on Mars allows the company to offer an elegant and personalised mobile-first experience. “The application means that we can reconnect everyone with the product at the same time, regardless of the employee’s geographical location.”

The Absolute Favourite

What makes the learning approach really revolutionary is the business orientation of the solution. “We love how easy the dashboards are to use and how they track data. The dashboards and KPIs are living proof of the relevance of the application, and of what we’ve created in terms of a learning approach.” 

Chloé Academy | UQalify


Chloé Academy | UQalify

There’s no big secret to rolling out the system, you have to get out on the ground. So, that’s why we organised three roadshows. There was one pre-launch in Japan to collect the first inputs and improve the first version. Another one was during the launching process to promote the app in China, Hong Kong and Europa. A third one was planned post-launch in the United States to explain and encourage adoption over time. In each store visited, the Chloé Academy proved highly successful, securing an impressive retention rate which remains steady. 

Next Steps

The first training courses focused on products and the brand. Thanks to their rapid adoption, the team will now develop soft skills programs exploring feedback and management in particular. So, this way, the app will support the transformation of business practices. 

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