The Cornerstone x Teach on Mars Integration: Everything You Need To Know!

October 27, 2022

Many of our Teach on Mars’ clients also use Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) to develop staff skills. Well, we can share some good news with you! The Cornerstone x Teach on Mars integration is now available! This means you can now synchronise Cornerstone onDemand with Teach on Mars. The integration has many benefits for both learners and managers.

Transparent synchronisation and better monitoring

Although the CSOD expands with Teach on Mars’ fun, engaging and mobile-first content, the CSOD x Teach on Mars integration provides 3 significant benefits as well:

  1. For managers/administrators, performance management becomes far easier since all the training statistics are transferred to CSOD. As a result, they only need one single platform to monitor everything.
  2. For learners, our main priority is that it is easy to use. If learners are used to connecting to Cornerstone, they can now find all the courses from the Teach on Mars catalogue in CSOD. If they’re used to connecting via Teach on Mars, their data is automatically transferred to CSOD.
  3. Finally, considering that Teach on Mars training content is “converted” into Online Content within CSOD, it can be used in CSOD tools including Playlist, Curriculum, Learning Assignment, Certification, etc.

The Teach on Mars training catalogue in Cornerstone

Thanks to the Cornerstone x Teach on Mars integration, learners will find all their Teach on Mars courses in their Cornerstone environment (presented as Cornerstone Online Content).

The link in the Cornerstone app will automatically direct learners to the Teach on Mars application (mobile or web) to do their training.

Teach on Mars x Cornerstone OnDemand | UQalify
Transparent access to Teach on Mars courses from the Cornerstone application

Technically speaking, the synchronisation is made possible thanks to APIs developed by Teach on Mars according to Cornerstone specifications. Daily synchronisation enables you to update any training content which is added, modified or archived in Teach on Mars.

A significant amount of information is synchronised for each piece of content:

  • Course name
  • Description
  • Key words
  • Thumbnail
  • Default language
  • Translations of these elements into every language in which the course is offered.

This gateway is an opportunity for learners to expand their training catalogue and to gain easy access to our content.

Statistics transfer to facilitate system performance monitoring

Furthermore, the Cornerstone x Teach on Mars integration enables the synchronisation of statistical data. This allows managers to monitor system performance more easily.

In this way, managers can use the Cornerstone Reporting 2.0 tab to consult and manage all the statistical data regarding learners’ progression, completion rates and time spent training using Teach on Mars content. The data immediately updates at the end of each activity.

Learners, meanwhile, can check their completion rate and time spent training on the Cornerstone User Transcript page.

Teach on Mars x Cornerstone OnDemand | UQalify
Teach on Mars content statistics are displayed on the Cornerstone platform

Transparent synchronisation of learners thanks to a Single Sign-On (SSO)

Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to multiple user names and passwords! The Cornerstone x Teach on Mars integration allows learners to access Teach on Mars content without the need to connect several times. All you need to do is connect to Cornerstone. As a result, learners save time and gain direct access to an array of fun training content, designed for mobile use, and with better engagement rates.

With this full integration, Cornerstone and Teach on Mars enable their clients to offer learners an expanded training collection, while ensuring it easy to use for both trainers and L&D managers.

If you have more questions on how this integration could be an asset for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Original article by Teach on Mars

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