The house of change and UQalify collaborate to make history in the world of impactful blended learning

January 27, 2023

There’s still too little sustainable impact in training and coaching. Whether in digital or physical contact moments, the root cause often isn’t the quality of the training or the trainer/coach, but rather the lack of an integrated approach to learning and development. That’s why we join forces with the learning expertise of the house of change to ensure actual learning impact. By innovating and combining blended training with social learning, we bring learning to the next level.

Erika Wyckmans | UQalify

According to Erika Wyckmans, CEO of the house of change and long-time expert in soft skills training and cultural change processes, this is hardly surprising. Training programmes need to be adapted so that people become inspired to empower themselves and apply the acquired knowledge in their daily lives. In addition, the structure of training courses should take into account how people process information. The human being as a social being should be the central focus.

Erika and our very own Thierry Lescrauwaet and Dirk Cassiers share a common mission: Generate sustainable impact in every learning and change process with +80% adoption. In the year-long course The Art of Human Impact, a training programme for future culture change managers, our Teach on Mars technology will blend with their evidence-based field experience for the first time.

“1 + 1 = more than 3”

Ann Wyckmans (the house of change)

Every course at the house of change is based on a learning and change methodology they developed themselves: SILVER. First, Participants need awareness of their learning needs in order to prepare for the learning process. Then, participants acquire the necessary competencies, which are then anchored sustainably in their (work) field. Our UQ coach is a common thread in this process and provides constant stimulation during development. This allows us to create maximum learning and change impact for the participants. 

“For UQalify, it’s important that we don’t consider change, corporate culture, learning and well-being as separate projects within a company,” says Thierry, “At the end of the day, it’s about connecting people and guiding them towards the training courses and professions that make them happy. This way, we can intuitively prepare them to face the changing future with gusto, and most importantly, without fear. Being connected with others, being fearless, developing yourself and having a fulfilling job lead to well-being. In this way, well-being becomes an automatic outcome and not a project in itself.”

Thierry Lescrauwaet | UQalify
Erika Wyckmans — Dirk Cassiers | the house of change — UQalify
Erika Wyckmans & Dirk Cassiers
Krista Rampelberg — Ann Wyckmans |  the house of change — UQalify
Krista Rampelberg & Ann Wyckmans

This partnership ensures that learning in ‘the flow of life’ is perfectly possible. Are you curious what this partnership could mean for your organisation? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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