Ulrich Petré considers the labour deal as a glass half-full

February 14, 2023

The labour deal: everyone has something to say about it. As an expert in digitalisation and author of the book ‘The Superpowers Of Learning Appetite’, our UQ Masterclass Partner Ulrich Petré is also delighted to share his perspective on this.

The individual training right: an extra cost or an asset?

Everyone has something to say about the labour deal. Be it the right to be offline, the four-day working week or the individual training right for every employee. Some people are more likely to see the glass as half-empty, but I see it as half-full! The individual training right is not an administrative burden or an extra cost, but an opportunity to put learning alongside work as a core value in your company. After all, that’s the way to fuel your employees’ learning appetite.

After all, learning appetite’s an important factor for any company that’s concerned with its future strategy. It ensures that your employees grow and develop, and thereby growing the company. If your employees are engaged in their personal and professional development, they’ll be more capable of dealing with changes and challenges and creating new opportunities. It also allows you to translate your company’s future strategy into individual competence needs. If you know what your employees’ needs are, you can also offer them tailor-made training.

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Why should I offer training made-to-measure?

By made-to-measure, I genuinely mean: out with the standardised stuff from the past! Out with only classroom training or the same online learning programme for everyone! Every employee’s unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to take this diversity into account within your company. Some people benefit from online training, while others are more likely to benefit from blended pathways. By offering flexible training pathways, every employee can develop to his or her full potential.

A company with inquisitive employees is like a speedboat that can quickly adjust its course to changing market needs. This helps to grow your business and strengthen your competitive position. Moreover, if all employees can continuously develop, they’ll stay motivated, curious and engaged. This then leads to more productivity, fewer departures, improved customer service and greater customer satisfaction. So why wouldn’t you view the labour deal as an opportunity?

Wondering how you can turn this labour deal into an opportunity for your organisation? Then, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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