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Caroline Jorssen, Digital Learning Officer - UQalify

Ulrich Petré

digital awareness, digital inclusion, digital skills, cybersecurity

Ulrich Petré is a thought leader, learning expert and keynote speaker on digital awareness, digital inclusion, digital skills, cybersecurity and so much more. With over 20 years of experience in digitalisation and training, Ulrich has always been passionate about people: how people can use technology to their advantage, how they can safely be part of the digitising society and how digitalisation helps them to build a sustainable career. He loves to inspire people through his keynotes and workshops on digital awareness, learning appetite and online security.

Veerle Raemdonck - UQ Masterclass Expert

Veerle Raemdonck

personal branding and hospitality

Veerle Raemdonck is our expert in personal branding & hospitality. She has 16 years of experience creating “WOW” moments for customers for several luxury brands. She worked as a consultant and trainer for 12 years specialising in service excellence through human contact. Since 2005, she has been helping entrepreneurial individuals and companies to translate their identity into an authentic, powerful and stylish appearance so that they look and act professional and feel confident. Her expertise in combination with her convincing, enthusiastic and empowering language promises change and transformation.

Caroline Jorssen, Digital Learning Officer - UQalify

Jan Mertens

recruitment, change in personal and organisational development

Jan Mertens is an atypical recruiter, career counsel and change coach known for his human touch. He’s an expert in hiring and career counselling ICT sales teams and companies.

On top of recruitment, Jan is focussing on optimising ‘change’ in personal and organisational development. Learn how to pilot your life and control your success by acquiring best practices on mastering change and transforming obstacles into successes. Learn how to identify, hire and retain who you really need for the job. Learn how to transform your organisation to maximise contribution and retention of every employee.

Elke Van Parys - UQ Masterclass Expert

Elke Van Parys

language- and communication training & coaching

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