UQalify welcomes 3 principal professionals

March 2, 2021

UQalify, leader in the next-gen learning experience, is expanding its team again. This time, digital learning expert David Boulanger, multilingual content manager Shinoh Lee and jack-of-all-trades Joep Theeuwes are joining the team.

“What an amazing journey! Onboarding one the Belgian pioneers of e-learning as a partner in our company allows us to take a strong step forward! David brings over 20 years of digital learning across different industries and countries, and a revolutionary experience in microlearning,” says Thierry Lescrauwaet, CEO of UQalify.

“Joining such a vibrant team, which is so eager to share, grow and take the lead is exactly what I was looking for. I am passionate about creating learning communities and improving employee engagement across businesses,” David actively adds.

Thierry continues with “Shinoh plays a critical role in leading the multilingual scalability. It’s great to welcome a seasoned knowledge architect with such a vast repertoire in handling complex projects. As we are gearing up for European-wide projects, she is the perfect addition to our team!”

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to join UQalify. Here, I can actively help through creating more structure and manage the content publication process, both internally as for our clients’ communities,” Shinoh states.

“Every team needs a Swiss knife-like professional and Joep is one of ours! He can create, write, develop, edit content, images and movies. He’s really good at crafting content in our UQ Pocket Coach. In fact, there is little he can’t do. Or at least I haven’t found it yet!” Ria Van Gucht, Talent Solutions Director, exclaims enthused.

“I love diversity and play with different parts of the production process. I was looking for a chance to continuously develop myself and that was exactly what UQalify proposed. I am loving it here since day 1,” Joep joyfully concludes.

UQalify has more exciting news in the weeks to come. If you want to be in the know first, drop us a line at press@uq.works and we will take it from there.

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